2015 Jamaica Outreach

2015 Jamaica Outreach

For the week of July 10-18, a group of 26 from Faith Covenant will travel to the mountain city of Catadupa, Jamaica!

Why Jamaica?

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island paradise. The coastal areas have been developed and tourism is a thriving industry. People from all over the world travel to Jamaica to enjoy the upscale resorts, beautiful beaches, and island culture.  But there is another side to Jamaica that most people never see. Away from the coastal areas, in the hills, is the "real Jamaica". Remote cities often lack any development and have little to no hope for economic growth. For many, getting to and from the coast daily is their only real hope for work. This became much harder in the early 1990’s when the inland train was shut down. Almost 20 years ago, Faith Covenant Church took a mission trip to Jamaica and began a relationship with Pastor Leroy Gordon. Pastor Gordon at the time was pastoring churches in Catadupa and Cambridge. We, along with other churches, have continued to support him over the years, and his ministry has grown. While still pastoring Christian Fellowship Church in Catadupa, he has helped to establish churches all over Jamaica, is regarded as a pastor to pastors, and has dedicated his life to helping the people of Catadupa and surrounding areas. He has clearly proclaimed the hope that is in Jesus Christ, and at the same time has been a strong factor in community development.

What are we doing there?

We'll be staying in Catadupa, in the parish of St. James. We'll stay in and work from Christian Fellowship Church. During the morning we'll host kids from the surrounding community for Vacation Bible School. In the afternoon, a part of our team will host a soccer camp/clinic nearby. And finally, each day a part of our team will be working on a water storage tank to help provide clean water for the community. Evenings will be spent reaching out in the community.

We need your help!

We don't just want to take a trip--we want to have a lasting impact in Catadupa! We've set some goals that are large, but possible. In order to achieve these goals, we've set a budget of $5,000. This will go primarily towards the clean water project, but also for supplies, materials, and gifts for the children's ministry and soccer camp. None of this goes towards team member's expenses, like airfare, food, or lodging--each person is paying that on their own.

Tax-deductible donations for the trip can be mailed to:

Faith Covenant Church

23300 NW Pink Hill Rd.

Blue Springs, MO  64015

If you are sending support for a particular person or family, please enclose a note with that information. Contact Pastor John at Faith Covenant at 816.229.5550 for more information.